Covid Information Portal

Edmonton Acrobatic Gymnastics takes the health and safety of our participants, coaches and families seriously.

All requirements

  • Masking optional during programming. Participants may wear a mask if they chose, but are not required to.
  • Hand sanitization required upon entry to gym space and prior to participating in partner acrobatic skills
  • No sharing of personal effects
  • Participants must bring their own water bottle
  • If participants arrive with symptoms that could be attributed to Covid, parents will be called and the participant will be sent home
  • Please do not send participants to the facility when experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose or congestion, etc.*

Staff and Facility

  • Anyone entering the facility must adhere to the protocols listed above for participants
  • This includes to view the training space upon your first visit
  • Frequent disinfecting of all equipment and touch surfaces
  • Staff watch for health symptoms and immediately implement separation protocols to isolate potential concerns and send home, as well as disinfect surfaces that may have been touched by the symptomatic participant.

*This is a small subset of primary covid symptoms. Families should consult with Alberta Health Services for a more complete list of symptoms they should watch for to avoid participating in group activities.

Protocols may be updated from time-to-time depending on the current local health situation and we may alter the above accordingly.