Thank you all for giving us the greatest pleasure in our lives as coaches and community investors.  Our time in this sport has been second to none in rewarding opportunities.  Nothing could replace the place in our hearts that every one of our athletes and families has given us.
Feel free to post your words of support on our Facebook page.

Will we be reopening?

If a miracle happens over this summer break and our GoFundMe happens to raise enough funds we would love to re-open in the area. 
We would need approximately 3,000-4,000 people to donate $10.00 or some large corporate sponsorships to make it happen.  If you can help, please do.   
You Can Help here:  GoFundMe Campaign   If we dont raise enough funds, we will be requesting GoFundMe to refund all donations recieved. 
Potential Corporate Sponsors interested in supporting Millwoods area community sport, please contact us through our Facebook Page.

Why did we have to close?

Our landlord has broken our lease early in favor of larger corporation taking the space.  This previously "unleasable" space due to significant water damage and abuse became showable to others... after WE had put tens of thousands of dollars into improvements.  The landlord saw this as an opportunity to relist the property during our term.  We had repaired so much damage that in their own words, we "couldn't afford what the space is worth now".
With utter disregard to the displacement of the many children who came to the facility to train, the parents, grandparents and children that volunteered countless hours to fix and clean the damaged building to make it their home, they chose to not renew our lease.  Additionally, they went further by kicking us out only 8 months into the initial lease term at the request of the new tenant to start leveraging this increased income as soon as possible.
We spent a few months trying to locate a new suitable facility however our investment in the previous space took most of our available resources.  We simply dont have anything left to give.

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