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Cancellation Policy

If you are registered continually with a monthly payment plan and wish to cancel, please remember that you must cancel in writing using this form prior to the 15th of a month to after the last class of that calendar month.

(For example:. If you cancel on January 16 or later, your February 1 payment will still be processed and your registration will terminate at the end of February.

If you cancel on January 15 or earlier, you will be registered thru to last scheduled class in January, and no payment will be processed on February 1. )

More Information
If our records indicate that you are cancelling prior to your second scheduled class date, your effective cancellation date will be adjusted to cancel immediately. For all other participants, our regular cancellation policy applies as noted above and in your registration forms.

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If you have more than one child registered needing updated information, please submit a request for each child.

NOTE: The registrant name, birthdate and contact email MUST match our records in order for us to process this request.If there is a discrepancy we will reach out using the contact information on file to verify this request.
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