General Class Questions

No we do not offer free trial classes. If you register and pay for the session but are not happy with the program after the first class we are happy to cancel your registration and refund the rest of the unattended classes.

We have Parent assisted classes starting as young as 3! The age criteria for our classes are as follows



Parent Assisted Super Hero's 3-5
Super Flyers (preschool) 4-6
Beginner Acro 6-9
Intermediate/Advanced  6+ *Plus required skills
Tumbling and Conditioning  8-Adult *Plus required skills
Competitive  6-Adult *Try out required

Unfortunately our gym is quite small so there is no viewing from inside the gym. We have a small (8 chair) waiting area in the hall where you can view classes from the door as well as a window in the upper floor you can watch from. 

As long you you are back for the end of class parents are not required to stay during class (unless in parent assisted class), we have all your contact info from your registration should it be needed. 

Yes, you are required to stay with and assist your child at all times during the class. We base our class sizes for Super Hero's on parent involvement.

Your child will receive a report card in the beginner class, if they have passed acro level C they can register in intermediate. If they have passed acro level F in intermediate they can register in the advanced class. 

Haven’t taken a class with us yet but think they are ready for a more advanced class? Please see the below list on the requirements for Intermediate and advanced

Intermediate Acro classes 

  1. Athletes must have previous experience in a gymnastics(either with us or another club), a cheer or dance program 
  2. An Edmonton Acro coaches permission/recommendation
  3. Athletes must be already able to:
  •       Cartwheel with straight legs
  •       Unassisted forward and backwards roll
  •       Handstand against wall for 5 sec. With straight arms and legs
  •       Unassisted back bridge

Advanced Acro classes

  1. Athletes must have previous experience in a gymnastics(either with us or another club), a cheer or dance program
  2. An Edmonton Acro coaches permission/recommendation
  3. All intermediate class requirements
  4. The following skills:
  •       Round off with rebound
  •       Unassisted back handspring down incline
  •       Front Handspring off a height
  •       Connected cartwheel to round off
  •       Front and/or back walkover
  •       Free standing handstand 3 sec
  •     Handstand against wall 10 sec


Registration Questions

AGF is the Alberta Gymnastics Federation, as an AGF member club we are required to register all participants in our programs with them as well. Your AFG membership also includes your insurance fee should anything ever happen. Your membership is valid at ANY AGF member club in the province withing the gymnastic year it was purchased (July-June of the following year)

Yes, class prices are adjusted based on number of classes left. Registration is only open until the 3rd week of the session.

No most of our classes are full leaving no room to fit in children who have missed other classes. There are also no refunds or discounts for missed classes. Refunds will only be provided if the coaches cancel the class due to unforeseen circumstances.

Most likely the class is full and has been closed for registrations

You can either register for a class at another time or contact us to be put on the cancellation wait list and/or be added to the mailing list to be notified when new classes open.

Possibly, we are a small gym and can only run a few classes at a time. New classes are only opened after the first classes completely fill. If you wish to be notified of new classes you can be added to the mailing list HERE

Unfortunately we only offer online registration and payment at this time. In order to keep class costs down we don’t have a staff member at the desk to take payment/registrations. If you need assistance registering or paying please call, text or email

If you haven't received an invitation by one of our coaches but feel as though your child is ready you can request a try out HERE.

Our provincial team starts at 3hrs twice a week, higher levels train additional days/hours.

Clothing/dress code

Your child should wear something cool, comfortable and easy to move in. Nothing that will flip up when upside down or get stuck on equipment, no dresses, hoods, ect. We recommend a snug fitting t-shirt and shorts or gymnastics leotard/bodysuit and shorts. No socks, shoes or jeans

Please bring a water bottle, there is a water fountain but it is not inside the gymnasium. Have hair shoulder length or longer tied up. Please wear/have gymnastics appropriate clothing on for the start of class (see above What should my child wear? For recommendations) Bringing a  positive attitude is a bonus 🙂

Yes absolutely! We just ask that it is wrapped securely and tucked into clothing to prevent it from flipping up, getting caught or falling off.

Yes absolutely! Just keep in mind this is a sport so there is always a risk of them falling off and/or getting broken. Sports band may help prevent them from falling off


We offer a 5% discount for registering for 2 sessions at once.

We also offer an additional 10% discount when registering multiple children (family or friends) at once. The Friends and Family discount is applied to all children registering together

Sorry but no we are unable to offer discounts to low income families. The only discounts we offer are listed above.

General Questions

We are located inside Leefield Community Centre, 7910 36 Ave Edmonton, AB