Monthly Payment Plan

Monthly Payment Plan

2024-2025 Gymnastics Season

Current Season:
July 1, 2024 (or your start date) thru June 30, 2025

  • Pay a regular, monthly budget amount
  • No need to re-register every 2 to 3 months.
  • Avoid the disappointment of full classes and wait lists if you forget to re-register on time
  • Withdraw by simply cancelling before the 15th of the month you wish to stop

How it Works

  • Register once and remain registered in the class until June 2025 or you withdraw or transfer to another program.
  • Monthly pricing is based on the total number of scheduled classes between your registration date through to the end of the season (June 2025).
  • Tentative and confirmed gym closures are not billed for in the pricing. Tentative closure dates are subject to change once they are confirmed.
  • Your monthly payment is divided equally between the remaining months in the program season.
  • Your credit card will be charged for your first month of fees upon registration and on the first of each subsequent month until you withdraw or until June 1, 2025.
  • Your monthly payment does not change regardless of the number of classes in any particular month. (Eg. Christmas Break)
  • If you register after the classes have started, pricing will be pro-rated for the balance of the year thru to June 30, 2025.
  • If you transfer to a higher level before June, a new monthly amount will be calculated based on the transfer date and pro-rating the balance of the season through to June 30, 2025.
  • Report Cards will be issued on the last class prior to each extended break. (Christmas Closure, Easter Closure and on the last class of June 2025.

Failed Payments

  • If your payment fails on the scheduled date, we will retry the transaction between 1 and 5 business days later.
  • If your payment fails a second time, you will be notified by email to update your credit card information prior to the next attempt to rebill.
  • If your payment fails a 3rd time, and you have not contacted us with updated information, your registration will be cancelled. To re-register, a $25 setup fee will apply but will only be available if the spot has not been filled by someone on a waitlist.

Unexpected Closures

Up to 5 “Snow Day” classes are included which you do not pay for. These ‘free days‘ are intended to allow for unforeseen scheduling adjustments without the need to adjust pricing or provide refunds. If we don’t need to use them, they work out to free classes for you! Refunds will only be issued if total closures exceed the number shown during registration.

Planned Closures

Planned closures are dates the gym is closed which you do not pay for. These include statutory holidays and gym events that require closing the facility to recreational classes. At the beginning of a season, many of these dates may be tentative until confirmed by the event hosts. They are listed as tentative dates in your registration confirmation to help you identify days for which you have not been charged. Once tentative dates are confirmed, our online calendar will be updated. As these are planned closures which were not included in your pricing, monthly pricing doesn’t get adjusted in months where planned closures occur.

Program Restrictions and Cancellations

  • Classes are scheduled based on registration. No refunds or make-up classes for no-shows.
  • Withdrawal notice must be received in writing by the 15th of the month to withdraw on the last class of the month. Notices on the 16th of the month or later will be processed will result in the following month’s payment being processed.
  • No refunds on any processing or membership fees after the 2nd class attended.
  • Free “Snow Days” are based on the number of remaining classes from your registration date to the end of June 2025.