Mini Heroes (Ages 18mos – 3 years)

Mini-Heroes! (Ages 18mos to 3 years)

Our exclusive Mini Heroes! program has been created to provide a healthy and safe environment for our toddlers to prepare for Super Heroes! program. Our small class sizes allow for plenty of coach attention for each participant. As a parent participation program, parents will join their toddler in the gym and be guided in all exciting and fun activities. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and be ready to be active. You will have so much fun that you will not even notice the great work out!

Classes include fun activities like:

  • Learning how to follow a gymnastics circuit
  • Starting basic group games
  • Some sensory enrichment for sight, touch, hearing and smell
  • Safe, soft areas and obstacles to explore and build coordination 
  • Learning safe, coach guided gymnastics basics

*Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place for all our preschool age classes in addition to our regular cleaning. These include, but are not limited to; sanitation of mats between each class, single use props sanitized daily, hand sanitizer before and after water breaks, & vacuuming daily.




Winter 2021 Only

Nov 1, 2021 to
Dec 19, 2021
(Session Payment)

Montly Plan

Start Date to
June 30, 2022
(Pay Monthly)

Mini Heroes

Parent and Tot
(18mos - 3 years)


45 min/week

Non Members



6 Classes

Non Members
From $58.00




*Monthly Price varies slightly depending on registration date. It is calculated based on the number of classes split into equal monthly payments. Exact price will be shown during registration process.